[Ewrt-devel] Ewrt 0.2-beta1

Irving Popovetsky
Fri Jun 25 11:45:38 PDT 2004


On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 04:04, Andryan wrote:
> Hello guys,
> I just installed this firmware to my WRT54G. Looks OK, except it turns to be
> slower than the official firmware. (I've disabled most stuff I don't use,
> but it didn't help)

"Slower" is a pretty subjective term.  Could you please provide some
more objective data (like hard numbers about what is "slow") if you want
us to troubleshoot?   Ewrt is not that far from the Linksys source base,
so problems that affect us usually affect them too.

> I noticed some minor bugs too, e.g. in the Administration -> Management
> page, DHCPD's section. If you enable it and choose LAN & wLAN, even after
> you have clicked on Save Changes, it will still revert back to WAN. Perhaps
> while loading the page it's not reading the configuration correctly or
> something. I'll leave that to the expert here ;)
> Apart from that everything seems to be okay.
> Good work and thank you!

Thanks for the bug report.

-Irving Popovetsky
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