[Ewrt-devel] Re: NOCATSPLASH and WRT54G Vresion 1.1

Sun Jun 6 08:07:35 PDT 2004

Hi Popovetsky,

I work on Database related systems mainly Oracle and my knowledge for C is
very minimal ... but I can contribute my help in Testing + Documentation.

I managed to install Ewrt 0.2-beta1-2.02.7 on WRT54G version 1.1
It seems to be working ....whenever I restart my PC and fire Browser
(IE/Opera) it displays Portless Splash screen before allowing internet
Access. This is Smashing and it's a great work from u guys.

I have following queries and hope you would able to answer them?
1.      If I restart my Router NOCAT details are wiped away.
        Is there a way to get them permanent?
2.      I can't make out meaning for following columns at NOCAT settings
page    Exclude Ports, Login Timeout and Verbosity
3.      How can I customize HTML Splash page for any other site?


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