[Ewrt-devel] Re: NOCATSPLASH and WRT54G Vresion 1.1

Irving Popovetsky
Mon Jun 7 00:47:40 PDT 2004

Hi Sagar,

On Sun, 2004-06-06 at 08:07, Sagar wrote:
> I work on Database related systems mainly Oracle and my knowledge for C is
> very minimal ... but I can contribute my help in Testing + Documentation.

Great, any contributions would be greatly appreciated!

> I managed to install Ewrt 0.2-beta1-2.02.7 on WRT54G version 1.1
> It seems to be working ....whenever I restart my PC and fire Browser
> (IE/Opera) it displays Portless Splash screen before allowing internet
> Access. This is Smashing and it's a great work from u guys.

Thanks! :)

> I have following queries and hope you would able to answer them?
> 1.  If I restart my Router NOCAT details are wiped away.
>     Is there a way to get them permanent?

This data could be stored in nvram to survive reboots, kindof like the
dhcp leases file (doesn't that survive reboots?).   So far I have not
seen this as a big issue.   Is this something that others would want

> 2.      I can't make out meaning for following columns at NOCAT settings
> page        Exclude Ports, Login Timeout and Verbosity

Sorry about that, we've provided almost no documentation for how to run
these things.

Exclude Ports modifies the outbound firewall rules to deny any outbound
traffic destined to those ports.  It is commonly used to block outbound
SMTP traffic (port 25) so that a hotspot could not be used by spammers.

Login Timeout is the number of seconds before a user gets the splash
page again.  Most people set this to be about a day (86400 seconds)

Verbosity specifies how verbose the log file (currently
/tmp/services.out) is.  the 10 setting is for debugging only and will
quickly fill your memory, so watch out!

> 3.      How can I customize HTML Splash page for any other site?

Currently this is a manual process.  You must edit
src/router/splish/htdocs/splash.html in the source tree and then rebuild
the firmware image.

hope this helps,

-Irving Popovetsky
ProStructure Consulting             http://www.prostructure.com
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               "Crafting Connectivity that Matters"
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