[Ewrt-devel] For those having problems

Eck, Darren
Mon Jun 28 05:06:06 PDT 2004

I like some others on the list had problems with the EWRT not capturing
wireless clients.  Also, there were other intermittent problems,
sometimes it would not capture anything, and sometimes it would not
route anything.  It was very strange.  I noticed that in the
/tmp/services.out file there were error messages stating that there was
no rule/chain by that name.

The short story is that I figured out the problem.  Something is
deleting the firewall rules at the same time that the initialize.fw is
trying to create and configure them. I am assuming it is the reset.fw

If I put a sleep 10 line in the beginning of the initialize.fw script,
everything works like a charm.  I don't' see the error messages in the
/tmp/services.out file, and both wireless and LAN clients are captured.

I really don't see the purpose of the reset.fw command, as the rules are
deleted in the initialize.fw script.

I like others are running EWRT on a brand new wrt54g, maybe the newer
hardware is optimized somehow, and for us, the commands are stomping on
each other.  This would explain why many don't' experience this problem
at all.

Thanks to all who have contributed to EWRT so far,


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