[Ewrt-devel] WRT54G and Auth gateway (NoCatAuth)

Irving Popovetsky
Wed Jun 23 10:48:30 PDT 2004

Hi Scott,

On Mon, 2004-06-21 at 11:13, Scott Tully wrote:
> Hi Irving-
> I am also intersted in implementing NoCatAuth to interact with my Public [IP] Authserver.  I am new to building firmware and would appreciate any advice you may have to offer.... especially on how not to turn my WRT54G into a brick.  Is there a how_to for rebuilding the firmware?

The best how-to I can offer is the Ewrt README file in the root of the
source tree.   If you need additional documentation, how-tos and
debricking information, the Sveasoft folks will have all that.

> I was looking around the source and see that things are very different in firmware world.  Is implementing NoCatAuth possible? Is there any WRT54G firmware available anyplace that uses NoCatAuth? Are there memory and space issues that can not be overcome?  I can see that i have my work cut-out for me.... Of course any firmware i get working will be avalable(with sourcecode) for all....

I wouldn't say that implementing NoCatAuth is *impossible*, but the
technical challenges far outweigh the benefits and it makes more sense
to fix NoCatSplash or BeattieCatAuth or Chillispot.  

The problem with NoCatAuth is that it is written in Perl.  The size,
speed and memory consumption of Perl make it absolutely the wrong fit
for an embedded system like the WRT54G.   You may have better luck with
the WRT54GS, but you're still putting a really fat solution on an
embedded system.

If you're a developer and have development cycles to spare, please help
us make NoCatSplash a better solution.


> Scott
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