[Ewrt-devel] building from sources

Charles Hood
Mon Jun 21 22:55:56 PDT 2004

I downloaded the source, modified splash.html, and then built my own
code.bin fireware file.  

My firmware loaded fine, but NoCat wasn't working.  Looking at services.out
showed a weird error message about /tmp/splish/etc.(some other stuff)


There is no /tmp/splish directory... so I looked at the configure scripts on
my build machine.

Sure enough, it appears to be setup to build with the /tmp/splish prefix,
but I believe this should be /tmp.  (without the /splish)


Can anyone confirm this?  What is the proper method to correct this problem?

I now fear there could be other path related problems, I saw other hardcode
references to a particular user's /home directory, for example.


Please advise.



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