[Ewrt-devel] Re: Question about the source

Scott Tully
Sun Jun 20 17:33:44 PDT 2004

Hey Chris-

I agree with Dan, something weird is goin on - atleast on my RH9 box...

The files do appear as bzip2's because they do have that extension but
tar produces an error

[root at localhost root]# tar xvfj ewrt-0.2-beta1.tar.bz2
bzip2: (stdin) is not a bzip2 file.
tar: Child returned status 2
tar: Error exit delayed from previous errors

Dan - Try 
tar zxvf ewrt-0.2-beta1.tar.bz2

Appears as though they were gzip'ed with a bzip extention... At least
that's what my RH9 system thinks... 


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->The source file is a bzip2 so you need to use the following command:
->tar -xvfj ewrt-0.2-beta1.tar.bz2
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