[Ewrt-devel] Problems with DHCP&NoCat on WLAN and feature request

Holger Gantikow
Sat Jun 12 05:14:19 PDT 2004


I've got the following strange behaviour:
WRT54g V2 EWRT0.2beta1

NoCat: is enabled
DHCPD is enabled

Ports 67+68 (should be the ones for dhcp, right?) are excluded from 
NoCat Splash-Redirects (entered via Web-interface), so that it should be 
possible to do an DHCP-request before accepting NoCatSplash.

So far in theory.
The problem ist, that this works fine on the LAN-interface but not on 
the WLAN-interface (br0 is still active).

Is there anything I could have forgotten in thinking this whole thing 
through? Any help appreciated.

By the way, there are some features i'd like to see:
removal of br0 and then being able to have different settings for both 
interfaces, at best via web-interface.

In future I want to have this setup @home.
WLAN and LAN seperated, only sharing internet connection and NoCatSpalsh 
only for WLAN, so that I can offer a small public hotspot with low 
traffic priority.

I haven't played around with this so far, because of being afraid of 
breaking any settings for NoCat and so on.



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