[Ewrt-devel] The current state of Ewrt

Irving Popovetsky
Thu Jun 10 16:25:44 PDT 2004

This won't work.

In a running build, /etc/nocat.conf is a symlink to /tmp/etc/nocat.conf,
which is generated dynamically on every boot by rc.  You can edit it by
hand, but your changes get lost when you reboot or restart rc.

To edit existing nocat.conf variables, see the web page (Access
Restrictions -> Nocat)  or mess with the nvram variables.


On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 16:18, Tom Goetz wrote:
> Daniel Armand Ugon wrote:
> > Hi,
> >  I am trying to change nocat.conf in the ewrt distribution without 
> > success.
> >  How can this  be done?
> >  Regards
> > Daniel
> >
> Did you try editing nocat.conf in ewrt/src/router/splish/nocat.conf and 
> doing a make clean and make in ewrt/src ?
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