[Ewrt-devel] Greetings

Irving Popovetsky
Tue Jun 8 13:58:31 PDT 2004

Hi Tom, glad to have you aboard.

On Mon, 2004-06-07 at 05:45, Tom Goetz wrote:
> Here's what I'm modifying so far:
> 1. Hide NoCat in the web interface if not built.
> 2. Make the build compile clean if telnetd is not built (there's a 
> compile failure in rc/rc.c). Hide telnetd in the web interface if not built.
> 3. Add a config option for including the the web help. Don't add the 
> help to the image if not configed. Hide links to help if not configed.
> 4. Hide pppd in the web interface if not confied and built.
> 5. Set the nvram variables for web components to 0 if they are not 
> built. So that when moving from a firmware that included optional 
> components to one that does not, the web support for the optional 
> components turns off.

We would accept patches for all of these things, assuming we review the
code and it looks good.   
You've probably noticed that the build process is still a mess.  I
cleaned it up a little in Ewrt, but try doing make a second time or do a
"make clean" to see what I mean.   The build targets just need to be
fixed, I haven't had a chance to do it yet.

look forward to seeing your code,

-Irving Popovetsky
ProStructure Consulting             http://www.prostructure.com
Network and Security Consulting           phone: (503) 288-1566
               "Crafting Connectivity that Matters"
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