[Ewrt-devel] Greetings

Tom Goetz
Mon Jun 7 05:45:52 PDT 2004

Hi, just joined the list. I purchased a Linksys wrt54g this past weekend 
with the intent to build my own firmware. I chose EWRT as the 
distribution I would use after doing some research and finding it to be 
active, tracking the features of the other major distributions, and 
open.  Since than I have downloaded the beta and build it. I will be 
using this as my fall back firmware. After that I CVSed up to the latest 
and started modifying for my needs.  Will you be accepting patches back? 
If so whats the procedure to submit a patch?

Here's what I'm modifying so far:

1. Hide NoCat in the web interface if not built.

2. Make the build compile clean if telnetd is not built (there's a 
compile failure in rc/rc.c). Hide telnetd in the web interface if not built.

3. Add a config option for including the the web help. Don't add the 
help to the image if not configed. Hide links to help if not configed.

4. Hide pppd in the web interface if not confied and built.

5. Set the nvram variables for web components to 0 if they are not 
built. So that when moving from a firmware that included optional 
components to one that does not, the web support for the optional 
components turns off.

Tom Goetz
tom at goetz-family.org

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