[Ewrt-devel] The current state of Ewrt

Irving Popovetsky
Fri Jun 4 13:16:23 PDT 2004

Enough people have asked, so I'm sending out a general message to answer
everyone's questions.

First off, Ewrt is not dead.  There are only two developers (Brandon
Psmythe and myself) and we spent a large chunk of time out of town
recently and have been hammered with work since we got back.

I have started work on a new Ewrt website that will make it easier to
publish content in the future.  The site is based on the MamboServer
content management system, which is what ProStructure.com is running.  
We also have a new logo and site layout, thanks to my neighbor

Obviously there is only default content there now, but I'm filling it
out.  any thoughts on the new design?   http://new.portless.net

The first content I will add is a FAQ, so people can stop asking us the
same questions over and over again :)

As far as coding goes, the list of issues in TODO still stands.  We're
going to slowly start knocking them off the list.  We may consider an
interim release (beta 2?) with a subset of the more critical bugfixes 
to solve sole customer issues.

So far we have had one patch submitted and about three real bug reports,
which is disappointing.   Is anyone experiencing any bugs they would
like to harp about, or do Portless customers need to find them all? :)

A lot of people have asked about RADIUS support for NoCatSplash.  This
is something that we want as well.  However, it is a big coding project
and something that we want to start working on once we make NoCatSplash
a little more stable.

In the spirit of community participation, can I have a show of hands: 
How many people here can do a little C coding?

Irving Popovetsky               Information Security Consultant
ProStructure Consulting             http://www.prostructure.com
Network and Security Consulting           phone: (503) 288-1566
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