[Ewrt-devel] NOCATSPLASH and WRT54G Vresion 1.1

Fri Jun 4 02:10:10 PDT 2004

Hello Sagar,

Friday, June 4, 2004, 10:11:45 AM, you wrote:

spbc> I am based in UK and looking for NOCATAUTH on WRT54G.

try http://www.sveasoft.com/modules/phpBB2/index.php
they are implementing right now in their last betas (for which u have to
pay 20 bucks *agggh*) nocatauth or sort of it.

spbc> While searching I came across U'r webpage at
spbc> http://portless.net/ewrt/
spbc> I desperately want to try U'r NOCATSPLASH build on my LINKSYS WRT54G
spbc> Unfortunately WRT54G version 2.0 is not available in Europe yet.

hm, I'm in Germany and got another one v2 just couple
days ago, maybe your supplier is selling old stuff. It's even
difficult to find other than v2 now.

spbc> Is there any way to get this Firmware compatible to Release 1.1 ?

I think Sveasoft's firmwares are supporting olde versions. Check their

PS: to me, the EWRT project lookin' dear, am I mistaken?

Best regards,
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