[Ewrt-devel] RE: Ewrt-devel Digest, Vol 2, Issue 25

Irving Popovetsky
Wed Jun 30 05:40:44 PDT 2004

Hi Omar,

On Wed, 2004-06-30 at 04:44, omar touhami wrote:
> I want to have a password (evntualy a login) prompt at the splash page
> to get access to the internet, so that only I or the ones I give the
> password to can use my internet connection.  The point here is
> something like a WEP key but that the user will have to enter at the
> splash page or another page where he could be redirected before being
> able to access internet. I don't mind using the WEP key option but it
> got to be entered at the nocat splash and not using the winXP network
> utility or the WPC54G utility. It's probably feasible if we try to
> link the WEP key field in the source code with a field on the
> splash.html page, but I think it's to hard for a newbie like me.  I
> thought also to use a txt file containig a password (to check the
> user'spassword) that could be pushed with the firmware. I don't have a
> server or anything to do that only the classical modem-WRT54G-computer
> configuration.  Also, I wanted to know if the sources were containing
> a php module?

This would be impossible to do.  With WEP, you only have one active
encryption key for all users on a wireless network.   Also, when using
WEP you cannot send any packets UNTIL you have that key.

It sounds like you want something like WPA.  read up on it. 
NoCatSplash, however, will never be the right tool for providing layer
1/2 access control. NoCatSplash can be used for controlling firewall
rules (layer 3) but that will not get you any security at lower layers.

Also, I don't know of anyone running PHP on the WRT54G.  same problem as
Perl: it's big.

-Irving Popovetsky
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