[Ewrt-devel] Configuration

Tom Goetz
Thu Jun 10 16:34:09 PDT 2004

Irving Popovetsky wrote:

>This patch looks better than the one I made.  I had
>CONFIG_IP_NF_TARGET_TCPMSS set but had not touched
>I would like to include this patch in Ewrt.  Have you tested it in
>either a pptp or PPPoE scenario?
I've loaded and used a firmware with this patch as a AP & router. I will 
try it with PPTP as a VPN server when I go to work tomorrow. I've had 
issues with path mtu using PPTP so far and had to set the MTU down on 
the servers in the network I'm VPNing into. With the new firmware 
running I will try setting the server MTU back to 1500 and make sure TCP 
still works. I'll send you another mail after I test it.

Any comments on the patch add a config option to not include help web 
pages,  etc?


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