[Ewrt-devel] Greetings

Tom Goetz
Tue Jun 8 19:32:42 PDT 2004

Tom Goetz wrote:

> I understand that EWRT is geared towards a Wifi hot spot router and 
> the default build reflects this. However my interest is in a VPN 
> router and I would like to submit patches so that it could build as 
> one with a simple reconfig. For my changes I attempted to follow the 
> existing code base. If you intend to establish a new coding style 
> going forward I can adapt the changes to it.
> I've included two files. The first is a patch generated by cvs -q diff 
> -c in the router directory, it should apply with a patch -p0 < 
> router.patch in the same directory. The second is a .config I would 
> like to submit for addition to the router/config directory as 
> defconfig-VPN.
> The patch includes the following:
> 1. Hide config for the following from the web pages if not built:
>    www help
>    telnetd
>    pptp
>    nocat
>    routing
> 2. Allow PPTPD to be build if configed
> 3. Don't install files for the following if not configed:
>    sshd
>    splish
> 4. Add a config option CONFIG_WWW_HELP to control installing of help 
> files. This also contols a nvram variable that hides links to help in 
> remaining web pages when help is not installed.
> 5. Add web config for PPTP options ms_wins & ms_dns
> 6. Fix rc/services.c so that you can build without CONFIG_TELNETD
> I read some interesting discussions in the sveasoft forums about a 
> lighter weight web interface. This doesn't seem to be in the build 
> yet. Newer builds are rumpred to have more stats pages. I'd be 
> interested in picking up these changes and intergrating them.
> Hope you like it,
> Tom Goetz
> tom at goetz-family.org
I've already found a few bugs and improvements to my patch. Perhaps you 
just want to look it over and give some comments and I'll submit a final 
patch in a few days.


Tom Goetz
tom at goetz-family.org

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