[Ewrt-devel] The current state of Ewrt

Maurice Schoenmakers
Sun Jun 6 23:27:21 PDT 2004

Hi EWRT developers,

Like you, we noticed that it simply took to long to get nocat running on the
WRT54g by svea or others as it was not high in their priority list and we
didn't like to wait.
So we started coding and working on a nocatsplah with RADIUS support  and
add the ability to use external web pages.
Timeout stuff ist still missing but we will make code and binaries available

We are now working on an integration with EWRT  and provide it as an
alternative to splish.
(User can select the nocat mode on the configuration web page)
We also will provide an ipkg for OpenWRT.

As soon as the source is out (in 2 weeks) I will post a mail again. Please
feel then free to integrate our stuff in yours if you like what you
see.We will provide a patch.

If there is anything else we can contribute please send a list of TODO's
to the list or to us ;) and we look if we can help out.


Maurice Schoenmakers
maurice.schoenmakers at hot-spot-zone.de

Thomas Pfeiffer
thomas.pfeiffer at stusta.net

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