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Home Press Mentions Lincoln Community Wireless Network 6/20/2004
Lincoln Community Wireless Network 6/20/2004        
Lincoln Community Wireless Network had this to say under the More Network Updates section on June 20, 2004

All duties handled previously by a combination of an SS20 running NoCat captive portal and a Linksys WAP11 access point are now being performed by a Linksys WRT54G using Portless Networks ewrt firmware with NoCat splash running on the Access Point/Router.

We're working on a fix to the inconvienence problem they mentioned ....

Wi-Fi Networking News
Sun, 06 Feb 2005 15:49
Events move so fast, my head spins: a few days after covering the flurry of activity around the New Millennium Research Council's report discouraging municipal broadband, I was asked to moderate a panel on the discussion on March 14 during the South by Southwest (SXSW) music, arts, and interactive festival and conference in Austin, Texas. Esme Vos is also on the panel, from, and we should have a rip, and might I add, roaring time. The interactive part of the event runs March 11 to 15; the overall event is from March 11 to 20....
Municipal Broadband at SXSW releases massively large, detailed wardriving maps of Seattle: In conjunction with a University of Washington course. I can't describe it better than Drew: Dr. Philip Howard from the communications department has been teaching his students about technology, ideas, people, and how culture is affected by these new concepts. Their project allows them to gain some practical experience while exploring Wi-Fi as it pertains to them and the people around them. Involving 100 students, this project is one of the largest collective efforts to map Seattle's wireless landscape. is a website which provides interactive maps of Wi-Fi installations, as seen by wardrivers. This collaboration served to create critical mass for the website to provide printable maps, in addition to on-screen maps that exist. Also, this paves the way for other universities and groups interested in orgznizing detailed scans of their city to have a way to actually accomplish this, and have visual results. The files are BitTorrented because of their enormous size (over 100 and 300 MB). [link via Slashdot]...
Enormous Wardriving Maps of Seattle