Diesel Fuel – More Than Just a Gasoline Alternative

Diesel fuel is a petroleum based product used extensively in diesel vehicles, which is derived from crude oil by means of an alternative oil refining process. The process is called biodiesel and is said to be as good or better than normal gasoline in terms of performance and environmental attributes. The process of refining the petroleum product to produce diesel fuel also has other benefits as well, one of which is that it is less expensive to make than gasoline. Diesel fuel is generally any liquid fuel that is used in diesel engines, which burns normally without a spark, because of compression of the exhaust air mixture and high pressure of the exhaust gases. Diesel engines are now widely used due to higher thermodynamic efficiency, which also means fuel economy.

What Happens When You Put Diesel in Gasoline?

There are other advantages of using diesel, which have become widely popular with consumers and even industry insiders, which makes the decision for its use much easier than using traditional methods. Diesel power engines are usually much simpler to start and run, which makes it a very attractive choice. Because of its reliability and fuel economy, diesel is also an excellent choice when looking for a new type of engine. Diesel engine parts are much more expensive than conventional types, but are known to last longer, and require only minimal maintenance.

Diesel fuel has been on the market since the 1950’s, and is slowly gaining popularity as consumers get more aware of these benefits, and the need to save money on their vehicle fuel bills.

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